Benchmark Library Resources

Since 1996, SmartHire® has helped businesses across North America to identify the most suitable candidates for hire, promotion, or reorganization. The below links represent a portion of SmartHire®’s Benchmark Library of profiles. These have been developed as part of the Prevue™ performance management system. This information has been assembled exclusively for high-volume clients to assist them to identify the distinctive benchmarks for their unique organizational culture(s).  

Benchmark Library Directory:

Other Industry Benchmarks Coming soon online…

  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Service and Hospitality
Please note: While you have the option to use the listed Benchmarks, as-is, we recommend ALL benchmarks be validated by a Prevue™ Practice Leader prior to use and implementation in your organization. You may access your Prevue™ Practice Leader by contacting SmartHire® today!