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Have you applied for a position and need to complete an assessment as part of the hiring process?  No doubt, this can be daunting if you are not sure what it is all about.  Therefore, if you want more information or to practice first, the following resources should help!

Employer Resources

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Sample Assessment Reports for Hiring Managers

Applicant Screening

Sample Reports

Prevue Screen Retail Fit

Job-Fit Assessments

Sample Reports

Job Fit

Aptitude Assessments

Sample Reports

Learning & Reasoning

Candidate Motivation

Sample Reports

Individual Approach to Work

Team Fit

Sample Reports

Team Fit – Leader Team Fit – Member

Coaching & Mentoring

Sample Reports

Candidate Snapshot Individual

Sample Workforce Planning Reports

Industry Specific Benchmark Library

Since 1996, SmartHire® has helped North American businesses identify the most suitable candidates to hire, promote, or realign.

To assist with this process, the links below represent a portion of SmartHire®’s library of benchmark profiles. Each has been developed as part of the Prevue™ performance management system through direct consultation with Hiring Managers in their respective industries. Thus, this information was initially assembled exclusively for high-volume clients to assist them to identify the distinctive benchmarks for their unique organizational culture(s).  But, we are now making them available to you!

Directory of Industry-Specific Benchmark Libraries:

Coming soon online…

  • Insurance Industry
  • Retail Industry
  • Service and Hospitality Industry

If your industry not represented here, we are not limited to just these!  Notedly, we also have access to an extensive library of benchmarks applicable to most industries!  These can be accessed quickly for your convenience.

Please note: We recommend that ALL benchmarks be validated by a Prevue™ Practice Leader prior to use and implementation in your organization. Connect with your Prevue™ Practice Leader by contacting SmartHire® today!

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