Case Study #1 – Mackenzie L’Ecuyer, West Wind Aviation

West Wind Aviation started using the SmartHire Hiring System in 2013 and we haven’t looked back. Prior to SmartHire, the recruitment process involved a lot of tedious printing, filing, and storage of paper resumes. Now with the help of SmartHire, we have been able to drastically reduce the amount of waste produced with paper resumes, as well improved the overall effectiveness of our recruitment strategy. The SmartHire Hiring System has allowed us to streamline our recruitment process in many ways including; reduction on time spent reviewing non-qualified or poor applicants, giving hiring managers real-time access to current applicants to assist in the selection process, and saving time and money by listing only one job posting and allowing SmartHire to automatically post to numerous job boards and sites.

SmartHire Hiring System has been incredibly helpful to ensure that we have all the knowledge and tools available to utilize the system to its full capacity. The customer service provided by the Business Lead Carolynn has been amazing. Carolynn has been available in person, over the phone, or via email at any time that I have had a question, or needed some additional training on a system function.

I would recommend SmartHire Hiring System to any company that is looking to simplify, and improve its recruitment process.

Case Study #2 – Genie Riddoch, Dumur Industries

Genie Riddoch is the Human Resources Manager with Dumur, so she has vast experience evaluating and hiring potential employees for the company. SmartHire® worked with her to provide an application management system. We guided her through the introduction as well as implementation, ensuring that she was ready to steer the system on her own.

According to Genie, the SmartHire Hiring System from SmartHire has “significantly improved” many aspects of the hiring process. This includes their professional career posting image in addition to her ability to manage applications. Ms. Riddoch stated that the implementation of assessments through SmartHire allowed her to deliver “confident, informed decisions in a timely manner.”

Case Study #3 – Laurie Kitzul and Anne Hinke, Canadian Tire Confederation

This Saskatoon company saw very pleasing results in a matter of months. It reported high efficiency when searching for a part-time cashier. The position saw 162 applicants, which could have taken a great deal of time. With the help of the PREVUE system, Kitzul and Hinke only had to interview nine individuals, as the system ranked them the highest.

In addition to the top nine, PREVUE offered ten more options if the first set proved unfavorable. Each of them were next in resume and scores, saving Laurie and Anne an incredible amount of effort.

“PREVUE is a definite time saving device,” they said, “while still helping us to fit the right person into the job.” They praised the system as nearly fool proof, thanks to the easy-to-use interface and excellent support team.

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