Yes, They Know The Numbers!

One wrong hire can be devastating but there are solutions.  Consider how our aptitude tests and personality tests can lower the risk of numerical mistakes or questionable ethics in the workplace. It is so important to find a great employee that fits your credit union/banking culture!

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Get The Full Picture Before You Interview

  • Avoid waiting until the interview to ask questions.  Instead, find out if it is worth your time to schedule an interview at all!  By using thorough assessments developed by occupational psychologists, you will get a clear (unbiased) picture of each candidate. Then, using their resume, and this report, you will know when to schedule an interview. Ultimately, the reports will provide you with interview questions to address any areas where he or she did not meet your specific criteria; allowing you to focus on what counts!
  • A few minutes will help the best candidates to be revealed.  You will, definitely, be surprised how much you can learn!


Powerful Tests And Simple Reports

  • Prevue’s aptitude tests assess an individual’s numerical and verbal reasoning. Plus, the personality test helps you determine if applicants are strong leaders, work well with a team, and more!
  • Do not let the simplicity of the reports fool you. These tests are powerful! Applicants can complete these online assessments in between 5-20 minutes.  As occupational psychologists developed them to be accurate, valid and reliable, they are designed for anyone to read. Unbiased. No training required.


Turnover Reduction

  • By using these pre-employment tests, credit unions, banks, and other financial institutions have seen turnover reduced in positions like CSRs and account service representatives.  Some have also chosen to create a custom benchmark to test for fit with key roles like Loan Officer, Branch Manager, and Customer Service Managers (to name a few).  I am sure you recognize how these positions are key for Job Fit.   However, not sure where to start? Our Credit Union/Banking benchmark library is there to help!
  • Do not just hire for today – hire someone with advancement potential in the future. Ultimately, those who fit stick around. Ask us today more about what our assessments offer your credit union/banking institution.

Credit Union/Banking Reports Include:

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