Lower Hospitality Staff Turnover

Keeping employees long-term is a challenge for hospitality hiring managers.  Our screening and personality questionnaires are designed to be quick and easy for the candidate – and just as quick and simple for you to read.  This unbiased testing finds the best fit.

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Know Who You Are Interviewing

  • Do not lose time and money interviewing bad-fit candidates. Find prospective candidates quickly using the Prevue Screen report.  Only interview those with the personality your customers deserve.
  • Short, mobile-friendly tests provide a positive candidate experience. Hire several temporary workers or bring on a new team member with potential for advancement.  Find your perfect fit.


Simple, Powerful Tests

  • In less than 10 minutes you will find out more about an applicant than they possibly know about themselves! Use the results, their resume, and your first conversation with them to determine if you are moving forward to a face-to-face interview.  The custom questions supplied will guide your conversation.  You can even integrate the reports with your ATS software (like Taleo, iCIMS, or Prevue APS Pro) for a smooth process from start to finish.
  • These tests are powerful! Do not let the simplicity of the reports fool you.  Occupational psychologists developed them to be accurate, valid and reliable.  Prevue designed them for anyone to read.  No training required.


Turnover Reduction

  • Tests like Prevue Assessment are perfect for high-turnover positions like servers, bartenders, front desk staff, host/ess, and back-of-house staff. You need to hire people that fit your company culture.  They might be able to do the job, but do they want to?  Is the job a need or a want?  Hire for aptitude but motivation as well!  Someone who thrives in a hospitality environment is more likely to stay.
  • Prevue tests help you sort through the applicants. Whether you have received 2 or 200 applicants, you can reliably identify your best candidates and those with the highest potential of success.  Spend your time on the right interviews.

Hospitality Reports Include:

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