Don’t Let Trade Shortages Stop Hiring!

Finding skilled and qualified talent is challenging for most industries – it always seems like the best are always taken! Even more so when hiring tradespeople for the manufacturing industry.  Finding that ‘diamond in the rough’ is so much easier when using our Job Fit Assessments. See potential through easy-to-read reports!

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Get The Full Picture Before You Interview

  • Work experience and skill does not necessarily mean they will have a good relationship with your manufacturing industry team – or stick around! Prevue’s personality test, aptitude test, and interests test will show you the ‘whole’ person. Use this information, and their resume, to make the decision to interview.
  • Behaviour can be predictable. People do learn and grow but, overall, the behaviour is consistent. Use our test to hire for job fit.


Simple Reports From Powerful Tests

  • You can easily interpret these simple tests without training – Prevue designed these report that way! Do not let their simplicity fool you though – they are powerful!
  • Since cloning your top performer is not an option, create a benchmark that defines their skills and motivations – and use that to find another top performing candidate! See how test-takers measure against the benchmark – then use this info, their resume, and the interview to make a hiring decision. The report will give you the interview questions to address areas they do not ‘fit’ your benchmark


Reduce Turnover

  • Find out who is motivated, who is trainable, and who best fits your role. AMC members who use Prevue products have found they are able to significantly reduce turnover. Finding that ‘job fit’ candidate makes employee engagement even higher!
  • Whether an experienced or an entry-level candidate, highlight the best of your applicant pool!

Manufacturing Reports Include:

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