Pre-Hire Solutions:

Applicant Tracking

Manually posting jobs and managing an inbox of resumes is a daunting task.  Developed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind, our online hiring system empowers you to recruit the same way as large corporations (without the same financial investment).  This powerful tool will expand and refine your recruitment process:

  • Start with a Career Site branded to match your website.  Customize your online application process to ensure a quick and easy candidate experience.
  • Forget about manually posting your vacancy to multiple sites!  This ATS solution automatically publishes your job postings to the most popular boards, as well as to any regional/industry-specific job boards.  Social Media? Blast your ads to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with the click of a button.  Strategically uphold your company brand through online job marketing.
  • As applications arrive, the system will score and rank your candidates on an easy-to-use applicant dashboard.  Through a centralized system, your hiring team can share relevant information and manage candidates effectively.
  • Increase candidate engagement!  Contact your top candidates quickly.  The ATS also works as a database – allowing you to stay connected with and recall great candidates for future opportunities.

Purchase as a standalone or seamlessly add-on tools like assessments, skills testing, video interviewing, and HR Onboarding solutions.

Assessment Solutions

Applicant Screening

To select the best employees, you need to spend your time on the best applicants.  The filters used during the screening process will determine the quality of your shortlist.  By learning the needs of your position, SmartHire delivers solutions.  This tool supplies an efficient means of qualifying and managing the screening process.  Ideal for high volume hiring (Screen Fit) or part-time/hourly retail roles (Retail-Fit).  Our pre-screening tools will integrate with your current recruitment software and/or process to ensure optimal results.

Sample Reports

Prevue Screen Retail Fit

Job-Fit Assessments

Measure talent fit to make informed, objective hiring and promotions decisions.  To evaluate job-fit, start with defining your expectations for success.  Our web-based evaluation creates detailed reports of individual traits, abilities, motivations, interests and personality styles.  Whether you are an HR Professional or Manager, you will have the solution to make informed decisions regarding your workforce.

Sample Reports

Job Fit

Aptitude Assessments

Whether you are looking for a numbers wizard or just someone you can trust to send a professional email, the aptitude test is one of the most accurate predictors of job fit. This 18-minute timed assessment offers you a window into abilities the candidate might not even know they have.

Sample Reports

Learning & Reasoning 

Candidate Motivation

A job should be more than ‘just a paycheque’. Prevue’s Motivations & Interests assessment uncovers candidates’ work motivation and how likely they are to stick around if they are hired. This 15-minute test takes less time to complete than a coffee break.

Sample Reports

Individual Approach to Work

Sales Force Evaluation and Development

Your sales team is an integral part of your business.  This group creates opportunities for business growth and directly impacts relationships, revenues, and repeat business.  Their individual success will drive the success of your organization.  Through SmartHire®’s Sales Force Evaluation and Development programs, you’re able to break barriers preventing sales success and unlock the potential of your sales force.  Individually or combined, Prevue and Sales Skills assessments reveal sales potential.

Risk Assessment Solutions

While employees are your greatest asset, they can also pose significant risks.  Before making an offer, carefully evaluate the background of those being considered.  A thorough reference check, education verification, credential verification, and, when applicable, a credit history review, and/or criminal record verification will alleviate concerns and help you make a clear and confident decision.  Hiring an employee with a fraudulent history or embellished performance could put your company at risk. Review an applicant’s chronological history carefully to protect your employees, customers and business.  Some concerns, of course, are under-performance, embezzlement, harassment or other difficult situations.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

RPO Lite

Following a 30-minute hiring strategy discussion, allow us to assist with developing your posting, promoting it on social media, coordinating the post with external posting platforms, collecting resumes, pre-screening candidates, and discussing the shortlist with you.  45-day commitment

RPO Premium

Along with the same services included in the RPO Lite Model, additional services include developing a position benchmark, competency profiling of candidates, online searching for additional candidates, access to an online Applicant Tracking System, video-interview scheduling and coordination, reference checking, and 60-min of HR Consulting.  45-day commitment

Post-Hire Solutions:

Talent Management

Large corporations have teams of talent management professionals on staff.  It’s hard to imagine having access to similar teams without an intricate or established HR Department – not to mention the budget internal resources require.   SmartHire® has the solutions –  expertise, tools, and networks to provide strategic talent management to your business.  Your corporate objectives are realized through SmartHire®’s proven methods of:

Position Profiling

  • Management Team Development
  • Young Leader Development
  • Effective Interviewing and Coaching
  • Candidate Sourcing Strategy
  • HR Coaching
  • Exit Interviews

Team Fit

Harmony in the workplace is possible. Bring personality insights to your team by learning how each member works best with one another. Compare team temperaments to minimize conflict and improve communication – and highlight opportunities to promote group success and optimize effectiveness. Facilitated and self-directed options.

Sample Reports

Team Fit – Leader Team Fit – Member

Coaching and Mentoring

Use the personality insights to be better equipped to coach and mentor staff.  Learn how they communicate and learn.

Sample Reports

Candidate Snapshot Individual

You have hired someone! Great! Let us make day-1 a whole lot easier. Streamline the process of onboarding forms through digitalization.  Remove the paperwork entirely to allow fresh hires to begin their jobs without delay.  Designed to ensure you have a smoother, more reliable hiring process, let us help you make what comes after the offer acceptance just as simple.

Benefits include:

  • Provides guidance to ensure all onboarding forms are filled out entirely and correctly
  • The use of e-signatures for employee and employer convenience
  • All online forms can be archived and stored securely for organization and safekeeping
  • Saves a great deal of time that usually goes hand in hand with the onboarding process
  • Designed for use on any device
  • Canadian forms!

Workforce Planning

How will you expand a department, increase sales, open a new location, or lead a new team without a plan in place?  Work with SmartHire® to appropriately prepare your team for a change.  Maximize team efficiency and fill holes with our Smart Workforce Planning solution.

All too often, the need to hire is based on a vacancy and typically appears satisfied when an employment offer is signed.  In reality, your workforce is never truly stable.  A recent study from Indeed verifies that nearly 70% of employees in your business are continually searching for alternate opportunities.  As well, up to 90% of new hires are reviewing and considering alternate opportunities within the first 6 months of employment.

Our Workforce Planning services start with you.  Your current methods will be analyzed in order to determine the direction to proceed.  We have the methods to put the Smart before your Hire to ensure repeatable, reliable, and predictable results on which you can depend.  Whether you are a business owner, leading a talent acquisition team, or managing a group; the methods you use to attract talent and how that talent is managed will dramatically impact success.  Hiring is a process, not an event.  When you work with SmartHire®, talent acquisition will move from reactive activities to a strategic process.  This is a facilitated process.

Sample Reports

USD Group USD Individual Individual

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